Integrated sustainable business partnerships in Animal Feeds,Textiles and Construction Contracting. 
To stimulate integrated sustainable business development through the provision of knowledge, skills and creativity among exporters of Europe to buyers of Middle East, North Africa and Arab Gulf peninsula. 
Aims and  Objectives
•To identify, facilitate and develop competitive opportunities in the Animal feed  ,Textile and Construction Contracting sector. 
•To provide resources and information about the selling market trend to potential buyers. 
•To negotiate and materialize credible sales contracts  
Animal Feeds
NuNu Export   Company is a Turkey based company which has been established in 1998. 
The firm is active mainly in the field of animal feeds, such as, cotton seeds, cotton cake, sunflower meal, feed corn, feed barley, alfalfa, sugar beet pulp and soybean meal. Also, in human feed sector by promoting exports of durum wheat and cotton seed oil.
The firm already represents in Turkey large multinationals from Greece,Spain, Turkey and Italy. 
The company is well-connected direct to manufacturers, this assures you the most competitive prices and direct access to the source. 
Apart of securing suitable products, our firm has the capacity to provide a total solution to potential customers by arranging  competitive freights by containers or vessels to worldwide destinations. 
By working with us, you can be privileged of having constant feedback of the markets and best service during your transactions. 
Main Markets, China , Sudan ,Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Greece , Spain, Italy, S. Arabia and South Korea.
NuNu Textiles   manufacturer  and supplier  of Furnishing and Decorative Fabrics from  Turkey . 
Our Main sales Products are; 
  • Upholstery  Fabrics  ; Chenille Fabrics,Artifical Leather,Cotton Print Fabrics ,Plaine Velvet ,Jaquard Velvet Fabrics ,Flock Fabrics 
  • Curtain Fabrics  
  • Polyester & Acrilic prayer Rugs  (67 x 110 , 80 x 130 , 50 x 105 , 32 x 60) ,Spingel Carpet ,Pillows and Sofa Cover sett  .  
  • Home Textiles :Towels,Place math,Table Cloths,Kitchen Linen,Pillows and Hand Bags 
Construction Contracting and Architectural Design 
NuNu Construction committed to a in corporated company in 2014 and since then various scales thrown sector in domestic and overseas construction contracting Works undertaken and completed successfully. 
 NuNu Construction committed to serving to the contracting sector industry turn-key bases internal and external decoration of the buildings and addresses the application with its own staff. 
NuNu Construction being steadfast in principles of quality and honesty, has maintained a fast and sustainable success in such fields as office,Residence,Restoration etc..       
Our Staff
NuNu Export currently employs a full time staff complement of five people in the Athens office, who are specialized in the entire agricultural commodity area. Each person covers a different sector